Jeanne Bresciani

scherzoJeanne Bresciani, M.A., M.A., I.M.A., Ph.D.

the protégée of Maria Theresa Duncan, adopted daughter of Isadora, serves as Artistic Director and Director of Education for the Isadora Duncan International Institute, with affiliates worldwide, founded by Maria-Theresa Duncan and Kay Bardsley in 1977. Jeanne is recognized internationally as a solo performer, choreographer, educator and scholar of unparalleled authority in the Duncan oeuvre. Her lineage encompasses years of study with Maria-Theresa Duncan and Kay Bardsley and training and extensive performance with Hortense Kooluris and Julia Levien of the Anna and Irma Duncan lines as well as childhood preparation with Anita Zahn of the Elizabeth Duncan School.

Her performances as Duncan soloist include Lincoln Center, The British Museum, The United Nations General Assembly, Pre-Olympic Ceremonies in Korea, Greek archaeological sites, The Asahi and New Parthenon Theaters in Tokyo, Massey Hall and The Ford Theater in Canada, The Teatro Carcano and The Vignale Festival in Italy, The National Theater in Budapest, at the Delphic Stadium as Chair for the Reinstatement of the Delphic Games and most recently as sponsored by The American Embassy in Athens in “Apollo and the Muses,” a performance tour at ancient and contemporary sites with Dimitri Vassilakis and the Isadora Duncan International Institute Dancers.

Among other accolades, Jeanne Bresciani has been hailed by the American press as “the foremost interpreter of Duncan’s dance in North America,” “the Divine in Motion,”“the keeper of the Duncan Flame,” “the standard bearer of the Duncan tradition,” “a force to be reckoned with,” and “Dynamo of the Dance.”

In addition to her lengthy and celebrated career as a performer, Jeanne directs professional programs in Isadora Duncan Studies originally established at New York University in 1987. Jeanne’s education programs are regularly held at the IDII’s Catskill Mountain Tempio Di Danza studio, at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, at The Harkness Dance Center of The 92 St Y in NYC, Kaatsbaan International Dance Center, and at the New York Center for Jungian Studies.

Muses Dancing

Wendy Liberatore writes that Muses of Modern Dance is a "loving tribute to three of modern dance’s essential pioneers: Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis. What this living trio — Jodi Sperling, Jeanne Bresciani and Livia Vanaver — did at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center was more than restage the works of these matriarchs of this American art form. They imbued these groundbreaking, and often revolutionary, dances with a spirit of the very creators themselves. And in so doing, these three living dancers furthered Fuller, Duncan and St. Denis’ status as goddesses who are worthy of infinite worship."